Benefits of Walking Sticks

Using a walking stick comes with several benefits. The walking canes can be used by people with different sizes and shapes too. Several people, however, are not aware of the benefits of using walking sticks. A walking cane can enhance your confidence as you go through physiotherapy. You can choose to buy a high-end walking stick or improvise one yourself. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy for using a walking stick.

You Can Improve Your Upper Body Strength
When you use a walking stick for a long walk, you get to improve your upper body strength. As you walk, you balance your upper body weight on the stick. If you perform this drill overtime, you can spread your weight all over the body. On top of this, you will get to know how you can be supporting your body weight. There are many spinal injuries that come up due to an imbalance of body weight between the lower and upper body.

Walking Sticks Help Enhance the Back and Joint Health
Normal walks can also pose a danger on occasions. This is because of all the weight which concentrates on the lower back joints while walking. With a walking cane, you can easily distribute this weight. This relieves pressure on the joints and the lower back. Moreover, a walking stick will help you reduce wear and tear on the joints. It can also enable you to maintain a good posture thus reducing joint injuries.

Helps to Improve Strength and Stability
If you are walking through an area with uneven surfaces, a walking stick can really come in handy. It can also be useful when you are trolling through an area with many potholes. A walking stick can give you the stability you need to climb up a hill without falling. It really helps when you need to go up a mountain or down a hill. Patients who are recovering can use a walking stick to gain their stability quickly. As a matter of fact, climbers are advised to use them for support when they get tired.

It Can be Used for Protection
You can protect yourself from injuries by carrying a walking stick. You can scare away wild animals targeting you. Several people even use the walking stick to scare away stray dogs. In fact, some states have legalized the use of walking sticks for self-defense. You may use it to protect yourself from thieves who may want to attack you. Several robbers will not even get close to you if you have a walking stick.

When it comes to maintaining safety and fitness, having a walking stick can do all these. Unfortunately, several people only use them when the doctor prescribes them. You should start using a walking stick to enjoy these benefits.

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Study: My Understanding of Walking